Monday, 7 January 2013

Picture Book - Yucky Mucky Manners - Sam Lloyd (Author & Illustrator)

Picture Book - Yucky Mucky Manners - Sam Lloyd (Author & Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

Immature as it may sound, it's hard not to be taken by a book that features a giraffe pooping on a mouse's head.

And if that's not a sentence that'll entice you to read a book, then I don't know what will. If you want a book to make young children giggle, then look no further. Featuring an array of animals misbehaving (a gorilla picking its nose, an elephant trumping), it's classic silly humour that is guaranteed to have your little ones laughing out loud, and asking to have it read again and again.

It's also lovely to see some extra love and detail put into each double page, as you can see a little of what the animal from the previous page did next - the giraffe, for instance, gets a telling off from his mouse friend. It's an extra little chance for you to talk to your child about the book, and have fun with the tiny details.

It's written in rhyme, so great for helping kids to get into the rhythm of reading. Highly recommended for when you and your child are in a giggly mood, and you want to make storytime fun.


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