Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Picture Book: Bear's Loose Tooth – Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Picture Book: Bear's Loose Tooth – Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

Yep, it's another in the Bear series, and it might be my favourite yet. This time around, Bear has a loose tooth, and enlists the help of his friends to get it out. They try various methods just sort of falls out, exactly how it used to happen to me. Unless there was a chocolate toffee involved. Sometimes then it came out a bit earlier than it should have.

Bear's quirky charm is on display again here, although he isn't playing quite the same dozy role as he has previously. While the story itself is one that all children will relate to (and let's face it, we were all impatient when we had a loose tooth, waiting for it to drop out so that the Tooth Fairy would visit), what made me smile most of all is Bear's expression on the last page. It breaks the fourth wall with Bear looking at the reader with a shocked expression on his face, and I couldn't help smiling at it. Also, in a lovely bit on continuity, Bear falls asleep under the same blanket that Badger gave him for Christmas in Bear Stays Up.

This really is a great series. Bring on the next one!


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