Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Picture Book - Bear Stays Up - Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Picture Book - Bear Stays Up - Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

This is the third book in the Bear series by Karma Wilson, and I must say it's great every time I come across one of these. There's a recognisable quirky charm to Bear now each time I read about him, and I suspect in each book he's going to struggle with an idea or task but come through in the end, just as you want from a children's book.

In this story, set at Christmas, Bear is struggling to stay awake for Christmas. Apparently he missed it last year, and his friends don't want to let that happen again. In now classic Bear fashion, although he struggles to begin with, eventually he manages to stay awake whilst all his friends turn out to be the ones who fall asleep, and he even narrowly misses Santa Claus whilst wrapping presents. It's a sweet ending, as ever, and a perfect little Christmas tale.

I'm really growing to love the illustrations in these stories, and there's something really lovable about the way Bear is drawn. You can tell he's a bit dopey, which is why his friends have to help him all the time, but that just adds to his charm. A quick glance online suggests there's at least another five books in this series, so rest assured if you're a fan of the Bear series, there's plenty more to come.


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