Friday, 11 January 2013

Picture Book - Bear Snores On - Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Picture Book - Bear Snores On - Karma Wilson (Author) & Jane Chapman (Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

The first story about Bear and his friends begins on a cold, snowy winter's night. While Bear snores on (wonder where they got the title from), lots of animals come and use his cave for shelter, and end up having fun making pop corn and stew, before some stray pepper awakens him as he sneezes. Although he looks angry, really he's just upset that he hasn't been able to join in the fun (well, I can't blame him - how would you like it if squatters broke into your home and then didn't invite you to join them for popcorn?). Luckily, his new friends (it ends well) tell him they have more supplies he can partake in, and he settles down to tell them stories, which keeps him awake for the rest of the night (although the others fall asleep - we'll presume it's from the partying, not because his stories are boring).

I love a story with rhyming text, so I took to this easily. There's the odd repeated line about bear snoring on that doesn't rhyme, but it's done throughout the book and serves to divide up the introduction of all Bear's new friends. It'll make children laugh to learn that all the other animals ended up snoring, whilst Bear ended up staying awake for the rest of the night, and they'll enjoy seeing what the animals got up to whilst Bear was asleep. Whilst I enjoyed the next book in this series more, I'd recommend reading the two together, as this is still a nice tale to tell children about friendships forming on cold, wintry night.


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