Friday, 28 December 2012

Picture Book - A House in the Woods - Inga Moore (Author & Illustrator)

Picture Book - A House in the Woods - Inga Moore (Author & Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

A House in the Woods tells the story of two (that's right, TWO, not three!) little pigs, who decide to build a den and a hut in the woods to live in. Sadly, their friends Moose and Bear destroy both luxury properties accidentally. The four friends decide that should all live together in a house in the woods, so they enlist the help of the local beavers to make their dream a reality.

This is a really fun story. It's more wordy than a lot of picture books, so possibly for slightly older toddlers with slightly longer attention spans, but it's a great tale of friendship for them to hear, and it's bound to make children giggle in places. It made me smile particularly when you learn that the beavers want to be paid in peanut butter sandwiches - I wish the banks would start offering such a deal.

The illustrations reminded me of the styles I've seen in illustrations for Winnie the Pooh and Brer Rabbit, which brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. When you see the house in the woods, you'll be hard pressed not to want to go out and find the local beavers to build you one for yourself.

Well worth reading with your children.


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