Thursday, 27 December 2012

Picture Book - Josh and the Woo Woo - David Bedford (Author) & Daniel Howarth (Illustrator)

Picture Book - Josh and the Woo Woo - David Bedford (Author) & Daniel Howarth (Illustrator)

Recommended for: Babies/Toddlers/Younger Readers

As with any parent, as soon as I spot a book that has my child's name in it, I'm immediately drawn to it. So it was the case that, when shelving one day, I spotted Josh and the Woo Woo. Naturally, I didn't care what it was about - the fact it had my son's name in it was enough to warrant a reading.

Josh and the Woo Woo is about a rabbit who has five brothers and six sisters, and hates noise. Naturally, his siblings love to be noisy, and the story is about how Josh never wants to join in with any of their noisy games, until one day he finds something that has noises they all hate and he loves.

While Josh is admittedly a bit of a wimp (unlike my son, of course - his fearlessness makes me hope he'll be a champion snowboarder by the time he's 11), there's something irresistibly cute about the poor rabbit who likes the quiet. Sure, it's a bit of an illogical leap at the end to suggest that a his siblings would be scared of the noise a train makes after they embraced the sound of a helicopter, and that Josh would have the reverse effect, but it's a book for young children so I'll let that slide. Overall, it's a pleasant little story about a little boy who has learnt that he can have fun with other children, which is really what we're all hoping for with our own kids.


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