Thursday 23 April 2015

Graphic Novel Review - The Creeps Book One: Night of the Frankenfrogs - Chris Schweizer

Graphic Novel Review - The Creeps Book One: Night of the Frankenfrogs - Chris Schweizer

Recommended for 8+


I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Group of school outcasts? Check. Strange goings on? Check. Laughs on each page and a mystery you genuinely want the answers to? Check and check. Should you check this book out? Check.

I might have overdone the checks there.

But seriously, The Creeps is a very entertaining mystery/horror story that children can enjoy from a fairly young age that will also make grown ups laugh along the way. The Creeps themselves are likeable (particularly Rosario, whose mix of brawn and textiles-knowledge made me smile on many occasions), the mystery is played out well with a laughably ridiculous lack of consequence and return to the norm for the guilty villain, and it left me looking forward to joining the gang on another wacky adventure.

And when I say wacky, I also mean bizarre, random, quirky and suspension-of-disbelief-in-a-good-way-ey. It's clearly not a book that is trying to be even remotely realistic, which is certainly not a criticism as I love the crazy story that it weaves, peppered with little twists and self-realisation from the characters that what happens to them isn't even slightly normal. The artwork matches the feel of the book perfectly, with the type of outlandish cartoon-style that appealed to me so much as a child.

The kids at my library love to have a graphic novel recommended that isn't just Asterix or Tintin, so if we don't have any copies coming on to the catalogue when it's published, I'll be contacting the children's team to ensure they put in some orders!


The Creeps is out from Amulet Books on August 11th 2015.

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