Friday, 23 May 2014

Picture Book Review – Mack and Muck! – Sebastien Braun (Author & Illustrator)

Picture Book Review – Mack and Muck! – Sebastien Braun (Author & Illustrator)

Recommended for Toddlers/Younger Readers

This is definitely one of the biggest hits with my son that I’ve brought home from the library. Well, it has tractors in it, which are second only to diggers in his mind, so any book that features two tractors at its core is going to be a winner.

Mack is the only tractor on the farm, but he’s not best pleased when little Muck arrives to help. At first he’s not impressed with Muck’s efforts, and can’t understand why everyone praises the little tractor, but with time he realises that Muck is just learning, and that sharing the workload can be fun after all.

It’s a lovely little story about learning to share things, particularly relevant for older siblings to learn about sharing with their younger ones. The illustrations are quite basic compared to some other picture books, but they’re really bright and I think they give a lovely compliment to the story. 

There are other books in a similar vein by Sebastien Braun, and they’re all worth checking out.
My son goes back to this time and time again, just to get another glimpse of the tractors. If he picks this one out over others, there’s got to be something right about it.


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