Friday, 23 May 2014

Picture Book Review – Knight School – Jane Clarke (Author) &Jane Massey (Illustrator)

Picture Book Review – Knight School – Jane Clarke (Author) &Jane Massey (Illustrator)

Recommended for Toddlers/Younger Readers

Little Knight and Little Dragon are best friends, and can’t wait to start school. But knights go to school during the day, and dragons at night, so how will the two friends make sure they have the time to play together again?

I’m sure that one of a child’s biggest fears upon starting school is whether or not they will manage to stay friends with other children that they've been able to play alongside day after day. Especially so for children who end up going to different schools. My son has friends in at least five different villages, so the chance of him going to school with all of them is minimal. Knight School is a great story for giving him the belief that he’ll stay friends with them no matter what. Despite the differences in knights and dragons (technically they’re meant to fight each other over princesses, after all…), it shows that friendship can conquer all boundaries. Who can’t love a tale like that?

The artwork is beautiful, rendered in watercolours I believe, and it fits the fantasy theme of the story really well. It’s bright, colourful and eye-catching, and is just what the story deserves.
I’ve gotten this out from the library on a couple of occasions because it’s so lovely. I might favour the picture books that make me laugh out loud overall, but this deserves a place on any child’s bookshelf.


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