Friday, 11 October 2013

Picture Book Review – Again! – Emily Gravett (Author & Illustrator)

Picture Book Review – Again! – Emily Gravett (Author & Illustrator)

Recommended for – Toddlers, Younger Readers

I’ve read a few of Emily Gravett’s books before, and they tend to have that little something different about them that makes them stand out really well. Again! was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award this year, and was fully deserving of its place on the shortlist.

It’s time for bed, but little Cedric doesn’t want to sleep. His poor mum has to read the same story to him over and over again, but what will happen if she refuses to read it again? Let’s hope his fiery temper doesn’t come out!

First of all, I love a grumpy animal, and Cedric getting more insistent on his mum reading the story again throughout the book is brilliant. The way his mother subtly changes the words of the story to hint that Cedric should be going to sleep is a lovely touch, and the very clever way that Emily Gravett incorporates Cedric’s fiery temper into the end of the book is absolutely fantastic – I won’t spoil it as it’s a great surprise (unless you turn the book over!), but it’s one of my favourite moments in a picture book from the last year. It’s got some gorgeous illustrations in general, and the way the words become more unruly on the page as Cedric gets more frustrated works really well.

Worth reading again, and again, and again….AGAIN!


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